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Centro Ricerche Fiat

CRF was established in 1978 as centre of expertise for innovation, research and development of FIAT Group. With over 900 employees, CRF draws on a broad array of technical skills, in addition to a series of state-of-the-art laboratories for testing powertrain systems and electromagnetic compatibility, conducting NVH analyses and driving simulations, and developing materials and processes, optoelectronics and Nanotechnologies.

CRF is particularly active in research in the area of sustainable mobility and applies a systematic approach to developing innovative solutions that embody a 360 degree concept of mobility. This includes minimizing consumption and emissions through innovative propulsion technologies, as well as lowering fuel consumption by improving overall vehicle efficiency through measures ranging from the use of lighter materials, enhanced aerodynamics, infomobility, the use of ecological and recyclable materials.



New Materials Scouting and Nanomaterials group

During 2010 was constituted the “Group Materials Labs” unit with facilities in Torino, Venaria and Bologna, encompassing all the departments devoted to material innovation and characterization. The “Micro and Nanotechnologies” group becomes “New Materials Scouting and Nanomaterials”, focusing on R&D activities concerning micro & nanomanufacturing, thin film and printing processes, materials and technologies for lighting (LED and OLED), sensors and energy.



Nello Li Pira

LAMP_li pira.jpgNello Li Pira Dr. General Physics, University of Torino, 2000; PhD degree at the Polytechnic of Turin in 2010.

He is responsible for the laboratory activities of the New Materials Scouting department and particularly the main activities for deposition processes, morphological and electro-optical characterizations, packaging techniques, display and LED assembly and finally optical/chemical sensors development. His experience covers all fundamental technological aspects towards innovative products such as design, testing to successful implementation within budget, proof-of-concept fabrication, timescales, process and product limitations. He has international experiences in EU projects within 5FP, 6FP and 7FP including currently PRIAM ICT2010 as project coordinator and LIGHT-ROLLS NMP2009 and E-STARS ICT2008 as scientific responsible.


Marzia Paderi

LAMP_Paderi.jpgDr. Marzia Paderi received her graduation in Organic Chemistry in 1999. During the Stage in CRF developed functional coatings by Sol-Gel technology. Her current research is based on synthesis of nanostructured emitting materials and developed of light emitting devices by Self-Assembly techniques. She is involved in EU project since 5FP and in Italian project, like ORION NMP2009, EUMINAfab Infrastructure 2008, LUCI FIRB, ALADIN Industria 2015. She is responsible of the Quality Management for the Nanomaterials Group ensuring the ISO:9001 application to the laboratory activities.


Contact info

Dr. Nello Li Pira, Dr.ssa Marzia Paderi
Group Materials Lab
New materials Scouting & Nanomaterials
Centro Ricerche Fiat S.C.p.A
Strada Torino 50
10043 Orbassano (TO)