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Ekspla UAB

EKSPLA is manufacturer of solid state lasers and laser systems. Featuring strong R&D team, consisting of 20 members, company is focused on design and production of high performance advanced solutions.

Core competences are:

  • High peak power laser systems
  • Short pulse generation and amplification
  • Tunable nonlinear devices (OPO, OPA, etc.)
  • Nonlinear spectroscopy1.jpg
  • Fast high voltage electronics
  • High power electronics


Ekspla UAB is manufacturer of advanced lasers, laser systems and optoelectronics.


It has 90 employees, including 13 PhD.


Main products are: solid-state, lamp- and diode-pumped lasers with pulse duration in nano- and picosecond range and harmonics converters, industrial nano- and picosecond lasers with high repetition rate, high power lasers, optical parametric oscillators (lasers with tunable wavelength from 200 nm up to 16 µm), spectroscopic laser systems, including SFG spectrometers for the monolayer and interfaces control and investigations, power supplies, cooling units for lasers and other laser related electronics and optoelectronics.

Research in LAMP

The novel direct laser patterning (DLP) method requires a comprehensive study of laser parameters such as wavelength, pulse duration, repetition rate, pulse energy, exposure time of laser for optimal QDs production. Based on optical properties of the materials, various types of lasers with different pulse duration and wavelength will be applied to initiate optical or thermal transformations in precursors, which then release metal and metal sulphide QD.

2.jpg Laser sources with a tunable wavelength in the mid-IR spectral region developed by Ekspla will be applied in process development to release metallic components of polymeric matrix resonantly, as well.Ekspla will prepare laser source with optimized radiation parameters (power, wavelength, pulsing regimes) as well as the laser processing machine demonstrator including the optimized laser, beam shaping and delivery optics, positioning system in the XY plane with focus adjustment in Z direction.

Based on the parameters optimization obtained by Ekspla, the DLP demonstrator will be implemented directly on the CNR laboratories in order to perform in situ both the device fabrication and the DLP process for the QD-LETs realization.


Gediminas Raciukaitis


3.jpgDr. Gediminas Raciukaitis, consultant on laser technology, has more than 15 years experience in laser technologies, including laser job shop at the Ekspla laser company, development and implementation laser technologies, applied research in laser-matter interaction and its use in laser microfabrication. He also has experience in preparation and coordination of national research projects. Co-author of ~60 scientific papers and 5 patents.


Where we are

The LAMP project research group is located at EKSPLA laboratories in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania


Contact info


  • By mail:

Dr. Gediminas Raciukaitis

Consultant on Laser Technology


Savanoriu Ave. 231

LT-02300 Vilnius