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Italian National agency for new technologies, Energy and sustainable economic development

ENEA is the name for the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development.

It conducts research and innovation activities, and provides public administration, enterprises and citizens with its advanced services.
Specifically, ENEA is concerned with energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, nuclear energy. It hosts experimental laboratories and facilities, and also dedicates its technological innovation skills to cultural heritage conservation, agro-food, health, and the environment.

ENEA is organized in three Departments and the Lab of Chemical Sinthesis of Nanomaterials belong to the Department of Fusion and Technology for Nuclear Safety and Security.

In the Department is active the Division of Physical Technologies for Safety and Health dealing with research on materials, technologies and processes for optoelectronics, photonics and advanced application on ionizing and non ionizing radiations in the full range of electromagnetic spectrum. The Photonics and Micro Nanostructures Laboratory belong to the Division and carry out research and development on synthesis and optical characterization on nanomaterials, develops light sources, innovative detectors and fiber optic sensors.

The laboratory of Chemical Synthesis of Nanomaterials is part of the Photonics and Micro Nanostructures Laboratory and deals with the synthesis and the characterization of the nano materials for photonics applications.

Laboratory of Chemical Synthesis of Nanomaterials

The LAMP Project Research Group

The research team that led the LAMP project now develops its activity at ENEA Frascati and Dr. Francesco Antolini is the responsible of the Laboratory of Chemical Synthesis of Nanomaterials hosted in the Synchrotron building.

In the lab there is a spin coater, a glove box, aspiration hoods and all the facilities for the chemical synthesis and manipulation of materials.

The lab of nonmaterial synthesis is supported by the lab of optical characterization equipped with an UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer, a spectrofluorimeter YI Fluorolog 3, and a Nikon confocal microscope for a complete optical characterization of the samples.






Francesco Antolini


image007.jpgFrancesco received the degree in Chemistry at the University of Perugia, then he obtained the Ph.D. working on Langmuir-Blodgett films of proteins to develop new materials arranged at molecular level and new devices for bioelectronic purposes at the Institute of Biophysiscs University of Genova. In the next years he was interested in biochemistry and molecular biology of a peptide involved in a human translocation in collaboration with the European Institute of Oncology Milano and in the biochemistry of uremia and food biochemistry in collaboration with the University of Perugia.

In the last years in the ENEA Agency he is involved in the chemical synthesis and characterisation of nanostructured materials for energy purposes and sustainable development.




IntraENEA collaborations

Francesco collaborates with oter Units inside the ENEA network in particular with the ENEA Centres of Rome  Casaccia and Bologna. Within the collaboration with Roma Casaccia Francesco collaborates with Dr. Amelia Montone,  Dr. Piero Morales and Dr. Emanuele Serra.

Amelia Montone, Degree in Physics in 1984 (Rome University “La Sapienza”). From 1988 Researcher at ENEA, Research Centre of Casaccia, Rome. Research work has been on applications of electron microscopy methods to material science problems. In the last ten years her research is focused on synthesis, microstructural and thermal characterization on nanocomposite for hydrogen storage, Author of more than 90 publications in international journals, invited speaker at congresses. President of SISM (Italian Society for Microscopical Sciences) from 2008. Project scientific leader in national and European projects on hydrogen storage materials.


Piero Morales from his first interest in molecular spectroscopy, which he pursued at the University La Sapienza in Roma, at the University of Venice and at the University of Kent UK, PM moved to spectroscopic applications in the field of uranium isotope separation, on which he worked up to the end of the italian laser isotope separation project led by ENEA. More recently he developed an interest in micro and nanobioscience and in nanotechnologies.

From 1997 to 2000 he was the european coordinator of the LASMEDS project, devoted to the development of a molecular electronics technology that exploits vapour phase photoionization in the near field of STM probes.

Later he coordinated and was involved in other national projects on nanotechnology, nano-bioscience and organic devices. His present interests are in nanofabrication exploiting both the inorganic, machine assisted  and  the biological self-assembling approaches.

Within LAMP Piero worked on atomic force microscopy (AFM) and films structural characterisation.

Emanuele Serra is a senior researcher (permanent position) in the Materials Section of ENEA. He’s involved in several research fields for developing new materials such as carbon nanotubes, biomaterials, martensitic steels, ceramic SiC/SiC composites, new materials that undergo to severe operational conditions (e.g. corrosion and erosion at high temperature).

For a number of years he get an experience in the field of hydrogen, deuterium and tritium interactions through materials and in preparation of surface layers by various techniques.

He has practical experience of assembling Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) equipment, and surface analysis methods such as: optical microscopy, SEM, X-ray diffraction, XPS and Auger analysis.

Emanuele plays classic guitar (professional level) and he enjoys playing squash, tennis, running and cycling and travelling.

Within LAMP project Emanuele carried out the interferometric measurements of the film thickness and SEM measurements.



ENEA webTV is an online video platform of ENEA - the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. It broadcasts news and documentaries about Research, Energy, Technology and Environment. Its mission deals with promoting Science for everyone. ENEA webTV is also on social media ie., Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. So, surf the net and enjoy our videos!


Past members

image001.pngLenuta was born in Romania and graduated in Chemistry at Al. I. Cuza University from Iasi. In 2008 received her PhD in Chemistry at Petru Poni Institute (Romanian Academy) in the filed of Polymer Chemistry with emphasis on acrylic photopolymers. In February 2009, Lenuta was awarded with an ENEA International Fellowship and joined the research group of Dr. Francesco Antolini (ENEA Agency).




Francesco Siciliano

Francesco developed his thesis in Materials science during three months at the UTTMATF labs under the supervision of Prof. M. Lanzi, Dr. Stroea and Dr. Antolini. His work concerned the study of CdS nanoparticles formed by a single source precursor. He passed his dissertation with the title “synthesis and characterisation of semiconductor nanoparticles for electroluminescent devices” in October 2011. He was student at the University of Bologna Faculty of Industrial Chemistry (Faenza).


Luca Gallo

Luca carried out the researches for his degree thesis attending the Life Cycle Assessment and Eco-design Laboratory of the ENEA Research Center of Bologna for six months, and he got his master’s degree in March 2012. He wrote his thesis in enhancement of primary and secondary resources, with the title “Environmental assessment for nanomaterials and nanotechnologies. Methodological aspects. Life Cycle Assessment of Quantum Dots”, under the supervision of prof. Alessandra Bonoli, Simona Scalbi and Francesca Cappellaro. His work is related to the themes of sustainability and eco-innovation




Where we are


The LAMP project research group develops its activity at the ENEA Frascati Research Center Via Enrico Fermi 45 in the city of Frascati (Rome). image002.png









How to get the labs

The labs are located near the beautiful city of Frascati and here is reported the link how to get the labs.

You can get the Centro Ricerche ENEA di Frascati from the Fiumicino "Leonardo da Vinci" Airport by using:
  • TAXI (distance 55 km, approximatively cost € 70,00)
  • Public Transport: train "Leonardo Express" arrival at Roma Termini train station; the journey takes 35 minutes with departures each 30 minutes, the tickets are available near the Airport station (€ 14,00).


From the Roma Termini train station

you can get ENEA Frascati by using:

  • TAXI (the distance is about 30 Km, the fare is about € 70,00).
  • TRAIN line Roma Termini-Frascati: the journey takes 30 minutes and stops at the  scentral station of Frascati, fare of one direction ticket € 2,10. From Frascati downtown you can get a Taxi to arrive at ENEA or walk (distance 2,2 Km).
  • TRAIN line Roma Termini-Cassino/Frosinone: get off the train at the station "Tor Vergata",  2nd stop from Roma Termini (we recommend to check always previously the time table and stops because some trains do not stop at Tor Vergata station). The journey takes 20 minutes; ENEA last about 500 meters from the Tor Vergata station on Via Enrico Fermi. When exit from the station go on the left  (uphill path), ticket fare € 1,50.
  • METRO + BUS get on the Metro Roma Termini-Anagnina(linea A) and get off at the terminal; the journey takes 20 minutes, ticket fare € 1,00. At Anagnina station get on the Bus Cotral Roma Anagnina-Frascati; the journey takes 20 minutes, ticket fare about € 2,00. From downtown Frascati centro its possible to take the Taxi or make the street by walking (distance 2,2 Km).


From the  "Giovan Battista Pastine" Airport of Ciampino

  • TAXI (the distance from ENEA is of 16 Km, the fare is about € 40,00).
  • BUS+ TRAIN: BUS "Atral" with arrival at Ciampino Station, the daily ticket fare is € 7,20.
  • TRAIN Ciampino-Frascati last 15 minutes, stops at the Frascati central station, ticket fare € 1,10. From downtown Frascati centro its possible to take the Taxi or make the street by walking (distance 2,2 Km).
  • TRAIN Ciampino-Cassino/Frosinone get off at the "Tor Vergata" Station, the first one afte Ciampino; the journey last 5 minutes, ticket fare € 1,10. ENEA last about 500 meters from the Tor Vergata station on Via Enrico Fermi. When exit from the station go on the left  (uphill path).


TICKET PURCHASE: the tickets are available in the railway stations, bars and newsstand

Contact (Project coordinator):


  • By mail:

Dr. Francesco Antolini

ENEA C.R. Frascati

Photonics Micro and Nanostructures Laboratory

Via Enrico Fermi 45

00044 Frascati (Rome)


e-mail francesco.antolini (at)