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In this page are reported not simply the links to interesting or useful web sites, but also the links to all the groups (either from academia, industry or whatever) that supported LAMP and its teams

Photonics  is offering new and unique solutions where today's conventional technologies are approaching their limits in terms of speed, capacity and accuracy.

Here you can find the link at the Photonics web site of the EU and the role of photonics in the market






ENEA webTV is an online video platform of ENEA - the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. It broadcasts news and documentaries about Research, Energy, Technology and Environment. Its mission deals with promoting Science for everyone. Together with the ENEA web TV staff were realized two short movies to explain better the role and the significance of LAMP


The LAMP project is connected with the Photo-FET project concerning the use of the same technological platform (OFET) in different field of material science and LEO