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Postdoctoral position in optoelectronics in graphene and related 2D materials for 2 years

The Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia - IIT - was founded with the objective of promoting the country's technological development and further education in science and technology.In this sense IIT is committed to achieving its scientific program, which it sees in the integration between basic scientific research and the development of technical applications, a major inspirational principle. The research areas cover areas of science of high innovative content, representing the most advanced frontiers of modern technology, with wide application possibilities in various fields from medicine to industry, from computer science to robotics, life sciences, and nanobiotechnology.

Novel two-dimensional (2d) materials are of great interest for basic research and practical applications. This research field has been boosted recently by the appointment of a Future & Emerging Technologies flagship project on graphene and other 2d crystals by the European Union (  In the framework of this flagship the recently-established IIT center on 2D materials will set-up a new activity to explore the combination of graphene and other 2d crystals with plasmonic structures and light emitting nanoparticles. Application-oriented goals will be ultrafast photodetectors (visible to far-infrared) and plasmonic devices that can be addressed or manipulated via electrical contacts.

The successful candidate will be working on a challenging project aimed at the design, fabrication and study of these innovative hybrid structures based on 2d crystals combined with plasmonic and semiconducting nanomaterials like metallic nano-antennas and luminescent colloidal nanoscrystals. A major focus will be on the integration of the different materials into functional device structures. The successful candidate will work in a large collaborative environment defined by the European flagship project. Close collaborations with other European research centers are expected.

We offer a post-doctoral position in IIT-Genova for 2 years with a competitive salary depending on the experience of the candidate. We are seeking for a highly motivated candidate with strong background in nanofabrication (e.g. electron- and/or focused-ion beam lithography) and physics of semiconductors. Experience in optoelectronics and plasmonics is a plus.

Applications should contain a motivation letter, CV including publication list, and contact information of 2 references. Please send your application to and