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TEM Technologist (deadline March 15, 2015)

IIT ( invites qualified senior applicants to submit their CV for an Electron Microscopy technologist position within the Electron Microscopy (EM) laboratory, Nanochemistry Department in Genoa, Italy (deadline March 15, 2015)

He/she will facilitate the use and development of the EM laboratory, which includes three transmission electron microscopes (JEOL JEM-1011; JEOL JEM-2200FS, image-corrected; FEI Tecnai G2 F20) and two scanning electron microscopes (JEOL JSM-6490LA, JEOL JSM-7500FA), according to the scientific needs of IIT.

Your profile: candidates should have a wide experience, with at least 5 years of post-doctoral activity demonstrated by an established track record of publications, in transmission electron microscopy (TEM) techniques, as high resolution TEM, scanning TEM, energy filtered TEM, electron energy loss spectroscopy, X-ray energy dispersive spectroscopy, electron tomography and electron diffraction, applied to the study of a wide variety of systems (both inorganic and biological). Additional experience in scanning electron microscopy will be positively considered.

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